Pastor Esteban Morales

Pastor Esteban Morales was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, December 22, 1950.  He earned a degree in Medical Technology, profession that he undertook for some time before falling in a painful addiction to drugs.  Jesus Christ arrived at his life at the age of twenty-five, in an campaign of the international evangelist Nicky Cruz, accompanied by the orchestra of Bobby Cruz and Richie Ray.  He was disciple by Pastor Bobby Cruz, and called into ministry in only a year of his conversion. 

As an evangelist and pastor, he developed outdoor campaigns and worships in many penal institutions in Puerto Rico.  In the year 1985, he decides to open the center "Key to Liberty" in Carolina, PR.  This center gave former-confined individuals a transition home when they finished their prison sentences.  Pastor Morales also founded similar homes in Curazao, efforts to which he dedicated 10 consecutive years of his life. 

In May 1st, 1991, already established with his family in the city of Kissimmee, Florida, Pastor Morales and his beloved wife Olga, began what would become their greatest venture, HOUSE OF FREEDOM.  House of Freedom is dedicated to the rehabilitation of individuals with problems of addiction to drugs.  For more than 19 years they have worked successively in favor of people who suffer from addiction.  The fruits of their work are evident in the many lives that have received restoration and words of consolation, thanks to their dedicated service. 

In the midst of hard work, tireless struggles and suffering a terminal illness, Pastor Esteban Morales passed away February 23, 2005.  He already rests with the Lord, but his work has not died, they continue to live in a legacy left in the hands of his family, who united to a ministerial body, continue the work he began. 

Citing the words of Evangelist Nicky Cruz in the farewell of his beloved friend, he said, "The dreamer dies, but not the dream, because the dream belongs to God." 

Apostle Bobby Cruz

Bobby Cruz was born a 26th of February in the town of Hormigueros, Puerto Rico.  From an early age he felt a great inclination towards music.  As a humble child his greatest amusement was to sing to the goats he shepherded in his family‚Äôs farm.  Bobby, in his childhood, never imagined that would become a legend of a new style of music, a different sound that emanated from his personality: Salsa music.
When he moved to New York, along with his family, he continued to develop his musical anxieties, and found an accomplice, his neighbor and friend Richie Ray, with whom he formed the "Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz Orchestra".  This musical talent has earned all the most prestigious awards, have sold millions of records, and they have done countless world tours. 

Because of their legendary artistic path, Ricardo and Bobby received a Lifetime Achievement Award in November of 2006 in New York City, by the Latin Grammy Awards.  They were recognized by the success of hundreds of musical productions and by the great contribution they have made in Latin American music.  In his native land, Puerto Rico, he is considered an idol of success and an example of triumph.  The name Bobby Cruz has been placed, in his honor, to different institutions, among them; a school of music, a sports park and a public plaza. 

The people that have had the opportunity to listen to Bobby preach know that Bobby possesses a marvelous spiritual gift.  In 1989 Bobby finished his theological studies in "Vision Bible University" in the United States, in which he completed a PhD in Divinity.  For many years Bobby has been dedicated to the study of the Bible, to pastor, establishing over 20 churches and evangelizing.